Zafiro Laboratories was founded under the concept of quality human use and low cost inyectable production. It's a 100% mexican enterprise and has highly qualified personnel that provide each and every one of our clients manufacturing procedures dictated by Mexico's Health Secretary and the FDA.

Our product merchandising began with the health department in national territory, eventually, we've expanded to the private market, exporting and supplying clinics, hospitals and resellers with quality and prestigious medicines, our distinction.

We encourage healthy work environments that lead us to improve people's health and life quality and have a great passion for scientific discovery aiming to make a difference in health with our products in order to improve ever person disease.

  • We provide Drug Monitoring solutions and Business Oportunities.

    • Drug Monitoring is a broad concept that includes the observation of all the effects either beneficial drug or harmful a medical drug can produce. If you're a Doctor or Physician and would like to fill out a Drug Monitoring form, please click the link below.
    • We develop efficient products with low cost spirit, quality and personalized customer care in which we search a win-win program for business, resellers, pharmacies, clinics and hospital...