• Distribution

    We have highly specialized professionals to meet your demands with quality and service.

    Our logistics system is shaped by our National Distribution Department based in Guadalajara, Jalisco and two other Local Distribution Centers located in Monterrey, N.L and Mexico City.This three centers allow us to answer any request from private or public institutions all over Mexico in less than 48 hrs.

    We have exclusive units for our products transportation ready to supply any client, health centers, resellers and hospitals.

    We take care of any request either public or private institution in less than 48 hrs. from any part of the country.

  • New Products Development

    One of our main goals is the research and development of new treatments for diseases that affect people's wellness.

    New product development is one of the pillars in our strategic planning, in order to offer products and services that meet 100% the needs of doctors, patients and society in general.

    We are in the best position to consider proposals for collaboration and partnership for the development of new products and generic drugs with high added value.

  • Manufacturing

    Our industrial capacity covers a range of products that meet the pharmaceutical market demands and in which we can make available production manufacturing.

    Also, we offer small-volume production for injectable drugs in 1ml and 10 ml container vials manufactured in our plant to meet every market needs.

    We have highly specialized professionals to meet your demands with quality and service.

  • International Market

    We'd like to invite you to participate with Laboratorios Zafiro in the market introduction of our products, product manufacturing, sub-contracting and/or joint development for new injectable drugs.

    Contact us for further information